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Why Beta Kappa Gamma?


Brotherhood. Knowledge. Growth. Beta Kappa Gamma is one of the fastest growing multicultural fraternities in the southern United States. Nationally founded in 1999, the young and developing history of the organization can be seen as an advantage for its active members: men of high quality who will know you on a personal level and who will work alongside you in building towards success.


In other words, you will not just be a number; you will be among the select few, instrumental in moving the organization forward while it is still steadily on the rise. Beta Kappa Gamma is more than an organization, though. It is a brotherhood. It is your family on and off campus. It represents an impressively strong bond that cannot be described, but experienced. This experience starts with you.


An important factor for success in your college career - as well as your career later on down the road - is networking. The connections you make with the people you choose to surround yourself with are crucial in producing your ideal self, both in college and beyond.


Surround yourself with success. Go Beta Kappa Gamma.

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Going Greek


Greek life enriches the collegiate experience by opening the door to networking oppurtunities, service to your community, and greater personal development. This is evident as we see Greeks graduate and enter the workforce. Fraternity men have long led this country to success, evidenced by the fact that despite Greeks only making up 3% of the American population, 85% of the executives at Fortune 500 companies, 76% Congress, as well as all 11 Apollo astronauts were fraternity men. Captains of industry, statesmen, and national heroes alike all wore the letters.

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